HER studios
20 € per Day
Hi, I’m exgirlfriendberlin. This is my studio.
Available Ateliers HER will open in May 2019 (we are currently in construction) In progress updates and images can be found on instagram.com/HER_berlin We offer private and shared ateliers of all sizes All studios will include WLAN/Electric/water included Brand new finished drywall Brand new upgraded windows(each studio has at least one set of windows allowing great natural light) New concrete floors New daylight temperature lighting Private, lockable door Shared renovated bathrooms 24 hour access to the building/studios Access to a 26 sqm fully renovated kitchen *during open hours Building staff in office during regular scheduled hours Cleaning services of shared spaces Future shared facilities in planning over the next year include a digital print shop/ceramics kiln The following is a price list for leases starting in May 2019 and ending in May 2020. To reserve a studio, we need half the deposit (one month’s rent), a photo of your government issued ID, and a signed contract. Atelier Square meters Price €/month 2019 Atelier 01 28.00sqm + 9sqm shared space 513,30 (15.13€/sqm) RENTED UNTIL OCT 2019 Atelier 02 27.75sqm + 9sqm shared space 508,75 (14,65€/sqm) Atelier 03 29.38sqm + 9sqm shared space 538,63 (14,03€/sqm) Atelier 04 16.53sqm + 9sqm shared space 303,05 (11,87€/sqm) Atelier 05** 29.5sqm + 9sqm shared space 540,83 (14.04€/sqm) Atelier 06** 45.29sqm + 9sqm shared space 830,31 (15.12€/sqm) Atelier 07 19.88sqm + 9sqm shared space 364,46 (12,62€/sqm) RENTED until May 2020 Atelier 08 29.11sqm + 9sqm shared space 533,68 (14,00€/sqm) Atelier 09 27.22sqm + 9sqm shared space 499,03 (13,78€/sqm) Atelier 10 26.57sqm + 9sqm shared space 487,11 (13,69€/sqm) Atelier 11 27.6sqm + 9sqm shared space 506,00 (13,83€/sqm) Atelier 12 20.3sqm + 9sqm shared space 372,16 (12,70€/sqm) RENTED until May 2020 Atelier 13 49.91sqm + 9sqm shared space 915,01 (15,53€/sqm) Atelier 14 17.85sqm + 9sqm shared space 327,25 (12,19€/sqm) RENTED until May 2020 Atelier 15 26.47sqm + 9sqm shared space 485,28 (13,68€/sqm) Atelier 16 39.12sqm + 9sqm shared space 717,20 (14,90€/sqm) Atelier 17 17.55sqm + 9sqm shared space 321,75 (12,12€/sqm) RENTED until May 2020 Atelier 18 18.79sqm + 9sqm shared space 344,48 (12,40€/sqm) RENTED until May 2020 Atelier 19** 55.42sqm + 9sqm shared space 1016,03 (15,77€/sqm) Atelier 20* 16.1sqm + 9sqm shared space 295,16 (11,76€/sqm) If interested in a studio or exhibition space, please email contact@HERcontemporary.com. Studios will be directly adjacent to Exgirlfriend Berlin. 188 square meters of shared space which includes storage and renovated and fully equipped kitchen is split equally between all studios *This small studio was previously a crane room for moving large objects into the space. It has two sets of large double doors, one set that opens up to the outside for complete ventilation of the space. **These larger studios have two doors/private entrances. These studios can be split into two smaller rooms with a wall and still have private entrances to each half. We have left those studios open and can work with an artist or group to determine what their needs are (permanent wall, moveable wall, large open shared studio, etc). Although all the studios can be split as desired, they may only have one private door.
Studio Information
30 m²
Available: Always
Rental Period (Min):
180 Days
  • light sculpting
  • noisy work
  • painting
  • photo studio
  • electricity
  • fridge
  • kitchen
  • lavatory
  • light
  • water
  • wifi
  • window
  • lift
  • public transport